During the construction of a custom home for my family I became involved in two disputes with two different contractors; one was dishonest and the other did not perform their work properly and later filed a lien against my property. Dana was able to resolve both disputes without me having to pay the contractors money they were not entitled to. I have to say that it would have been impossible for me to complete the construction if I had not been referred to Dana. He is now my lawyer. Thank you, Dana.

R. Thomas, Chicago suburb

I own an investment condominium in Illinois. The condo board had been trampling on my rights, not following the law, and harassing my tenant and her child. When I finally decided to stand up, Dana filed a lawsuit against them and within eight months my rights were vindicated and the condo board had paid me all of my damages and the costs of the lawsuit. I felt so relieved, supported and empowered to have Dana represent me. He was honest, thorough and prompt. I recommend him highly.

E. Garcia, Santa Fe, NM


Dana was great to work with on our lease negotiation. He listened to our vulnerabilities and helped to correct potential risk exposures for our future. The whole experience was amazing. Dana was very professional, punctual and extremely thorough. Starting a business from the ground up is challenging and stressful. Dana helped lower that stress and negotiated a lease that allows us the flexibility we need to be successful today and tomorrow. I would highly recommend Weber Law Office to anyone who needs legal representation.

Mark Legenza
President and Founder
On Tour Brewing Co., LLC, Chicago

Dana has been my company’s attorney for about twenty years now, through thick and thin. He handles all our company lawsuits, mechanics lien claims, general corporate and business matters, as well as my personal legal affairs. I trust and recommend him completely.

M. Hatfield, Oak-Tin Heating & Cooling, Inc.
Joliet, IL